SELFIRE BS476 Part 24

Suitable and rated for Kitchen Extract, Passive and Pressurisation Ventilation Systems

Meets BS 476 requirements and standards for fire-resisting ductwork

120 Minute fire rated ductwork


Selfire fire-rated ductwork has been designed to suit the
various safety requirements within the modern day
construction industry.

The prevention of fire spreading throughout duct systems is
of critical importance.

Non-fire resistant ductwork systems can be responsible for
allowing the initial spread of the fire and smoke between

The current use of fire-rated ductwork is to maintain fire
compartmentation and assist in the safe dispersal of
hazardous smoke and fumes.

Tested to:

  • BS 476 PART 24: 1987
  • BS 476 PART 24: 1987 Insulated & Non-Insulated
  • 400°C Test for Insulated and Non-Insulated
  • Test Includes Access Doors

A Clients Perspective

A Product To Be Confident In

  • Selfire fire rated duct is non-coated and delivered ready for installation. Factory Control (FPC Standards) ensures that
    the product complies to the standards applied during our independently verified tests.
  • Each installation complies to a strict code which specifies rod diameters, support centres, types of mounting struts
    and fire rated sealants.
  • Instruction manuals provided for installation.
  • The robustness of this product allows for fast installation
    without chipping and is suitable for construction site conditions.
  • Selfire duct is available in square – 3000 x 2500 mm. Max
    size allowed.
  • Tested with Ductz fire rated insulation.


  • Sampling records maintained.
  • Fully tested to BS 476 Part 24 standards.
  • Manufactured and installed to the highest
    of standards.


  • Clear guidelines and instructions to the
    appointed installer.
  • Third party certification.


  • Made from sheet metal, no coating required.
  • Flanging system add standard stiffening system.
  • Product clearly marked as a Selfire product.